Over 40 Singles RSS feed / Finding love and romance after 40 – tips and advice en-us How to Pickup Beautiful Women – Easily Get the Woman of Your Dreams /i/how-to-pickup-beautiful-women-easily-get-the-woman-of-your-dreams/ /i/how-to-pickup-beautiful-women-easily-get-the-woman-of-your-dreams/ Discover how some guys get the beautiful woman just by giving off the right signals. Every time you go out you give off signals which women can easily pick up on. Change the signals you give off and get the woman of your dreams, its that simple. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Chivalry – Is it Dead? /i/chivalry-is-it-dead/ /i/chivalry-is-it-dead/ Should you open doors for your lady? If you think you shouldn’t then read this article. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Senior Singles Vacation – Available For You /i/senior-singles-vacation-available-for-you/ /i/senior-singles-vacation-available-for-you/ A senior singles vacation is becoming more popular these days. Are you a single senior who s hesitant to travel. Why do you feel this way? Is it the thought of traveling alone which seems daunts you? Perhaps you feel you can’t travel alone like you used to when you were younger. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Meeting Senior Singles – Now on the Internet /i/meeting-senior-singles-now-on-the-internet/ /i/meeting-senior-singles-now-on-the-internet/ Meeting senior singles was normally thought of as difficult. Chances are most seniors are not single, therefore leaving you feeling like you are at the bottom of the barrel. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Love After 50 For Guys /i/love-after-50-for-guys/ /i/love-after-50-for-guys/ You have hit the “big five-oh” as they call it or you are past it. Maybe you have been through a divorce or you just have not found the right woman yet. You are going on a bunch of dates but no one seems right. Is it possible to find love after 50? Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 How to Find Your Partner – 3 Things Everyone in a Relationship Should Know /i/how-to-find-your-partner-3-things-everyone-in-a-relationship-should-know/ /i/how-to-find-your-partner-3-things-everyone-in-a-relationship-should-know/ What are the secrets to find your partner? That person that makes us feel good and is always there for us. As we look around we don’t see very many shining examples of this kind of relationship. We don’t have roll models or teachers who can show us the way. We end up stumbling around trying to figure this whole relationship thing out on our own. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Cougar Women – The Misconceptions and Myths Unveiled “From a Man’s Perspective” /i/cougar-women-the-misconceptions-and-myths-unveiled-from-a-mans-perspective/ /i/cougar-women-the-misconceptions-and-myths-unveiled-from-a-mans-perspective/ Who Started this Stereotypical Slogan? To my surprise, this term was initiated mainly by Disgruntled Women who felt that is was Taboo to be attracted to and involved with younger men. Some men found it to be intolerable as well. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Find Your Partner – Letting Go of the Need For a Partner to Find Your True Love /i/find-your-partner-letting-go-of-the-need-for-a-partner-to-find-your-true-love/ /i/find-your-partner-letting-go-of-the-need-for-a-partner-to-find-your-true-love/ Have you noticed that those around you that don’t seem to care about finding a partner always seem to be the luckiest ones? There are very real reasons this happens. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Senior Singles Dating – Made Easy /i/senior-singles-dating-made-easy/ /i/senior-singles-dating-made-easy/ Senior singles dating is more common than you think. If you want more passion in this time of your life, you should get back into the dating. This is the time of your life where you should enjoy every aspect of it especially in you love life. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Online Dating – A Help to Not Remain Single Forever /i/online-dating-a-help-to-not-remain-single-forever/ /i/online-dating-a-help-to-not-remain-single-forever/ There are people who think that it is really challenging and difficult to get along with individuals’ of their opposite sex, this is the main reason why they stay single for a long time. Having a shy type attitude is commonly the cause why these people find it hard to look for a partner. To all persons out there who can relate in this situation, you do not need to worry that much because presently there are several dating services made for them through the help of the internet. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Chatroom and the Dangers it Can Pose For Boomers /i/chatroom-and-the-dangers-it-can-pose-for-boomers/ /i/chatroom-and-the-dangers-it-can-pose-for-boomers/ The boomers and senior citizens, people who are over fifty years old need recreation and some means to spend their pastime. Those who are retired stay mostly at home and search the web for knowledge, recreation and friendship. Aside from news, research and games, most people go on live chat. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Calling Men – Why He Doesn’t Call When He Says He Will /i/calling-men-why-he-doesnt-call-when-he-says-he-will/ /i/calling-men-why-he-doesnt-call-when-he-says-he-will/ How often has a man that you have just met or are dating told you that he will call you and then he doesn’t? This is a common issue for many women during dating and early relationships and a source of mistrust and irritation between the sexes. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 3 Secrets to Find Your Partner – The Relationship Rules That People Shouldn’t Live Without /i/3-secrets-to-find-your-partner-the-relationship-rules-that-people-shouldnt-live-without/ /i/3-secrets-to-find-your-partner-the-relationship-rules-that-people-shouldnt-live-without/ Yes, we’re all looking for that special someone. But only a select few know how to make that a reality. For the rest of us, we have to learn how the game works. Yes, sadly, it is a game. I wish I could tell you that it’s all about finding the lock and key that fit together and unlock boundless love and blissful ever after, but I can’t. It’s all about learning the tricks, the secrets to find your partner. We becoming locksmiths, not helpless hardware. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Magical Tactics – How to Beat the Fear of Rejection? /i/magical-tactics-how-to-beat-the-fear-of-rejection/ /i/magical-tactics-how-to-beat-the-fear-of-rejection/ Leslie examines the reasons why some men find it so had to approach women. Is there are magic that can be worked to remedy the situation? Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Starting Over – Dating in Your 50s /i/starting-over-dating-in-your-50s/ /i/starting-over-dating-in-your-50s/ No matter what the reason, often people in their fifties find themselves alone, whether their spouse died, a relationship ends or some other extenuating circumstance. So what about dating in your 50’s? To many people of this age group, this is a foreign concept. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Attracting Women Now – The Simple and Fast Way to Arouse Her With Body Language and Tone of Voice /i/attracting-women-now-the-simple-and-fast-way-to-arouse-her-with-body-language-and-tone-of-voice/ /i/attracting-women-now-the-simple-and-fast-way-to-arouse-her-with-body-language-and-tone-of-voice/ Words can be powerful. But, combine these two other techniques and you’ll magnify what you say ten fold. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Senior Singles Travel Cruise – Available Today /i/senior-singles-travel-cruise-available-today/ /i/senior-singles-travel-cruise-available-today/ Have you ever heard of the senior singles travel cruise? There is such a thing. Ever want to meet that special someone in a wonderful breath taking setting. So see beautiful scenery and practically live in paradise as you meet them. Are you tired of joining cruises where you are alone throughout the whole trip? A senior singles travel cruise is the answer for you. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Christian Senior Singles – On the Internet /i/christian-senior-singles-on-the-internet/ /i/christian-senior-singles-on-the-internet/ You can find Christian senior singles on the internet. If you are internet savvy, you should use that advantage in finding other senior singles. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Baby Boomer Ladies – Dating in Your Prime /i/baby-boomer-ladies-dating-in-your-prime/ /i/baby-boomer-ladies-dating-in-your-prime/ Are you a Baby Boomer lady and ready to start dating again? Or are you a Baby Boomer woman and you’ve been in the dating scene for a while but you’re finding yourself alone every night of the week? Perhaps we need to do a little bit of revision when it comes to who we are as women and what we can do to attract the man or men that we want. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Baby Boomer Dating – Small Talk Will Always Beat a Boring Conversation /i/baby-boomer-dating-small-talk-will-always-beat-a-boring-conversation/ /i/baby-boomer-dating-small-talk-will-always-beat-a-boring-conversation/ I had arranged for Gordon to meet a friend of mine named Sarah, for a lunch at the local yacht club overlooking the harbour. Things got off great, there was a small kick under the table from Sarah to indicate that she liked what she saw. Gordon also managed to discreetly give me the eyebrows up, when Sarah was looking at the menu. Everything was going along swimmingly. Until… Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 How to Be Successful at Cougar Dating and Why it is Happening More and More /i/how-to-be-successful-at-cougar-dating-and-why-it-is-happening-more-and-more/ /i/how-to-be-successful-at-cougar-dating-and-why-it-is-happening-more-and-more/ Older women dating younger men is being called cougar dating, and is a blossoming trend these days. In the past,it seemed to raise eyebrows when an older woman was seen with a much younger man, but, not any more. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Senior Dating – Great First Date Ideas /i/senior-dating-great-first-date-ideas/ /i/senior-dating-great-first-date-ideas/ If you are a senior citizen and would like to find companionship, the idea of dating may be a little daunting at first. It is natural to feel this way, but with the right attitude and some cool tips to get you started, you can enjoy the pleasures of dating all over again. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Baby Boomer Dating – Spring Time is a Perfect Time For These Lines /i/baby-boomer-dating-spring-time-is-a-perfect-time-for-these-lines/ /i/baby-boomer-dating-spring-time-is-a-perfect-time-for-these-lines/ Don’t you just love the promise that Spring brings with it? The days are getting warmer, the flowers are starting to come out and we seem to all be in better moods. If you’re a Baby Boomer then this is a great time to get the ball rolling when it comes to dating other Baby Boomer’s. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Fire Pits – Building a Romantic Dating Environment That is Sure to Provide a Spark in Relationships /i/fire-pits-building-a-romantic-dating-environment-that-is-sure-to-provide-a-spark-in-relationships/ /i/fire-pits-building-a-romantic-dating-environment-that-is-sure-to-provide-a-spark-in-relationships/ Nothing is more satisfying than designing the perfect date, but most individuals are simply tired of going on the traditional trips to the movies or dinner. Many consumers are looking for ways to be romantic while saving as much money as possible, and a stay at home date may very well be the best choice. Although most individuals would not be impressed with the chance to hang around the house, the installation of a fire pit in the backyard could certainly create the perfect environment for romance. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Old Farts Dating Younger Women – 4 Steps For Success /i/old-farts-dating-younger-women-4-steps-for-success/ /i/old-farts-dating-younger-women-4-steps-for-success/ Sooner or later a guy falls into the category of old fart and although this is a relative term, the same as May-December is in describing a particular type of relationship, it can be a challenge for some men to deal with, especially if they are interested in dating a much younger woman. In this article I will discuss four important areas for a greater possibility of success-the right mindset, flirting, first dates and capturing her heart. It’s really important to be comfortable with yourself first and not be depressed about the fact that you’re not as young as… Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Senior Dating – “I Just Got Pinned at 84” /i/senior-dating-i-just-got-pinned-at-84/ /i/senior-dating-i-just-got-pinned-at-84/ If you think it’s too late to date, just ask 84-year-old Charlotte. And ask her to show you the gold high school graduation ring she was just “pinned” with. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Baby Boomer and Senior Internet Dating /i/baby-boomer-and-senior-internet-dating/ /i/baby-boomer-and-senior-internet-dating/ Internet dating would have to be one of the most inexpensive ways to find a partner. Many dating sites are free to join, with small fees involved only if you wish to use the secure emailing platform on the site to email a potential partner. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Baby Boomer Dating – Mental Seduction For More Satisfying Relationships /i/baby-boomer-dating-mental-seduction-for-more-satisfying-relationships/ /i/baby-boomer-dating-mental-seduction-for-more-satisfying-relationships/ If you’re like the vast majority of Baby Boomers setting out into the world of dating again, you are not alone in being a little anxious. Dating for Baby Boomers is not so unusual nowadays, considering we are living longer and come from a generation where divorce is now nothing out of the ordinary. But if you are a Baby Boomer ready to start dating again, and need some tips on what the etiquette is nowadays then you best take the refresher I offer below. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Baby Boomer Dating – What Do You Want Now in a Life Partner? /i/baby-boomer-dating-what-do-you-want-now-in-a-life-partner/ /i/baby-boomer-dating-what-do-you-want-now-in-a-life-partner/ When you were in your 20s and maybe even in your 30s it was all about, “How do I get married?” wasn’t it? And now as a Baby Boomer single over 50 years old, you are likely either divorce or widowed and dating again. Rather than be all about “Leave it to Beaver,” “Father Knows Best,” and even “Ozzie and Harriet” for your marriage relationship model, the question is for you, what kind of relationship do you want now? Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Senior Singles Travel – Its Benefits /i/senior-singles-travel-its-benefits/ /i/senior-singles-travel-its-benefits/ Have you thought about senior singles travel? You may feel uneasy travelling alone is it for you? Whether a senior should be doing any travelling may be doubtful for you. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Senior Dating and the Internet /i/senior-dating-and-the-internet/ /i/senior-dating-and-the-internet/ The days of seniors fading off into the sunset are long gone as today’s seniors are in a dating frenzy like no other previous generation. Better health and medicine are certainly factors, but attitude comes into play as well. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Senior Singles Cruise – Sail Away /i/senior-singles-cruise-sail-away/ /i/senior-singles-cruise-sail-away/ Senior singles cruise is not only a wish anymore. In fact, it is very much a reality today. There is a growing need to cater to the certain groups in the public. Travel is a big business to gain customers, you need to have something they want. Travel companies and cruise lines have created what is known now as a senior singles cruise. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 How to Avoid Awkward Silences – First Date Conversation Starters For Baby Boomers /i/how-to-avoid-awkward-silences-first-date-conversation-starters-for-baby-boomers/ /i/how-to-avoid-awkward-silences-first-date-conversation-starters-for-baby-boomers/ Has it been a decade or so since you have considered dating? Are you a bundle of nerves? Relax and discover these secrets to enhance the chances of a second and third date. You may feel “over the hill”, but it is never too late to learn something new and kickstart your dating experience. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Online Dating For Senior Citizens – Tips For Safety and Success /i/online-dating-for-senior-citizens-tips-for-safety-and-success/ /i/online-dating-for-senior-citizens-tips-for-safety-and-success/ How things have changed. There was a time that when dating over 50, leave alone senior dating, was virtually unheard of. Now it is acceptable for seniors to date and have fun. This article will offer tips on safe online dating for senior citizens. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Finding a Man After 50 and Knowing When to Let Go /i/finding-a-man-after-50-and-knowing-when-to-let-go/ /i/finding-a-man-after-50-and-knowing-when-to-let-go/ It’s never too late to date, but it’s sometimes good to let go early. If Enid had listened to her inner voice, she’d have saved herself a lot of grief. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Senior Singles Chat Room – Best Option /i/senior-singles-chat-room-best-option/ /i/senior-singles-chat-room-best-option/ Have you ever heard of a senior singles chat room? Yes they do exist. The internet is not just for the young, but also for the elderly and wise. If you are a senior who is looking to meet others like you for friends or dates, a chat room is a perfect place to do so. We all like options in life. Let this one be another. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Dating Tips For Men – What Not to Do on the First Date /i/dating-tips-for-men-what-not-to-do-on-the-first-date/ /i/dating-tips-for-men-what-not-to-do-on-the-first-date/ So you have a first date? Every first date with the woman is a totally different experience. You don’t really know what to expect and you worry about whether or not things are going to go smoothly and if there will be any form of sexual attraction between the both of you. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 How to Find a Rich Husband – The Right Place and the Right Way /i/how-to-find-a-rich-husband-the-right-place-and-the-right-way/ /i/how-to-find-a-rich-husband-the-right-place-and-the-right-way/ You may dream about finding your wonderful, rich husband, but if you don’t have a strategy it’ll just remain a dream. So, stop dreaming and start action today. The following are strategies which will ensure you find your rich man. In this article I concentrate on 2 key factors: location and attitude. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Olden Men Can Marry Younger Women! /i/olden-men-can-marry-younger-women/ /i/olden-men-can-marry-younger-women/ If you think you are to old, to fat, to ugly to get a younger beautiful wife you are 100 WRONG! I want to tell you that you do not need to change your lifestyle, look or even bad habits. In this article I am going to explain and absolutely GUARANTEE that you can have a most beautiful young woman at your side! Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Senior Lutheran Singles Dating – 3 Strategies to Get a Date /i/senior-lutheran-singles-dating-3-strategies-to-get-a-date/ /i/senior-lutheran-singles-dating-3-strategies-to-get-a-date/ The senior Lutheran dating game has become competitive lately. In fact, every dating game actually is difficult to play if you don’t know what to do. Being a senior citizen should not hamper your chance at getting a date. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Senior Citizens Singles – Ways to Find a Date /i/senior-citizens-singles-ways-to-find-a-date/ /i/senior-citizens-singles-ways-to-find-a-date/ Many senior citizens singles today want to get back into dating. They love the feeling of dating when they were younger. Perhaps now they feel that dating is for the kids and not themselves anymore. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 Dating Services – Dating Tips For Men /i/dating-services-dating-tips-for-men/ /i/dating-services-dating-tips-for-men/ Dating for numerous males is definitely not that very simple. For these people it can be a big deal of course seeing that you are going to end up being with the person you are fascinated with. For a lot of boys, to get during a date, every little thing needs to be ideal, from his looks, date location, food to enjoy or even movie to watch. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 The “Don’ts” in Senior Dating /i/the-donts-in-senior-dating/ /i/the-donts-in-senior-dating/ As if dating is not hard when you were younger, it gets tougher now you’re a senior. You think, how can you come through in senior dating. Should you follow the trends and go for online dating? It’s much convenient and you don’t have to go through the anxiousness of approaching and waiting to be approached by a man. Wed, 01 Sep 2010 00:45:01 -0500 And While You’re At It… /i/and-while-youre-at-it/ /i/and-while-youre-at-it/ In this excellent article The 5 Dates All Nice Guys Should Go On, men who are too “nice” are given a sound spanking and put in a corner, before getting some new instructions on how to break themselves of the “nice guy” habit and become a man who gets women.We love that, and to go with this list, we’d like to recommend five women all “nice guys” should date. Because after these sharp-taloned harpies are done with you, your shining armor will be rusted right off. Go get ’em, Galahad! A spoiled “princess”. This is just the woman who will appreciate having a neutered cow around for a pet boyfriend. Thrill to her demands, her whining, her suspicion, her manipulation! She will demand an endless stream of expensive gifts and still not be appeased at all.A supermodel. Just go hang out at a studio and pick you up some arm candy. Now try to keep up with somebody who is too busy to go out, too rich to expect anything but the best, and never in a good mood because she’s starving to death.A heroin addict. Really, any hard drug will do. Spend some time partying with a woman who will leave stains on your soul, as she uses you for a place to crash, harasses you constantly for money for her next fix, and surprises you at work on Monday at 10 AM by calling you from jail.A heavy career woman. We’re talking the bossy power-suit type. A Harvard-graduated business lawyer who’s ten years older than you is ideal. She’ll “wear the pants” and expect you to keep her house and be there every day for her to come home and use as a doormat.A psycho. Just take a clue from the film “Fight Club” and hang out at support groups for emotional wrecks, until you find your “Marla”. You’ll learn new definitions for excitement as she stalks you, gets you fired, embroils you in her latest conspiracy theory, and of course puts you through the whole almost-committing-suicide drama. Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Five Ways to Test Your Compatibility on a Date /i/five-ways-to-test-your-compatibility-on-a-date/ /i/five-ways-to-test-your-compatibility-on-a-date/ We don’t advocate your trying these kinds of things on a first date. The first time, you’ll be too nervous and awkward around each other to get much mileage out of these. What these are, are ideas for the third date and up – when you’re through assessing whether they’re someone you’d want to spend more time with and now it’s just a question of seeing if you’re right for each other.1. Go for a little trip together. This can be as simple as driving across the city, or perhaps taking a chartered boat across the harbor. Traveling, just the two of you, you get to see how your date handles functional activities instead of recreational ones. Driving, especially, is an easy one to read. If your date drives, do they impatiently race, or are they happy to go with the flow of traffic? When they park, do they pick the first open space or do they circle the lot three times looking for the closest possible space? If you drive, is your date comfortable with you in control? If it’s a trip, is your date anxious and fidgety, not knowing what to do with themselves?2. Take a walk in the park. This is kind of a way to get the two of you away from distractions. Without food, drinks, music, or activities, you’ll have nothing to do but just chat with each other. If you both feel awkward, this might be a sign that you’re not cut out for each other. If you settle down beneath a tree and spend hours just enjoying each other’s company, that’s an excellent sign!3. Run some errands with your date. The third date or so is probably the time you can be excused to have a few events in everyday life intrude on your leisure life, anyway. So before you get the date-proper underway, just explain that you have to do one quick thing forst and offer to take them along. Nothing complicated! Pick up the dry cleaning, grab a couple of things at the market, or maybe you promised to feed the neighbor’s pet while they’re out… don’t make it something that takes longer than 20 minutes. Is your date sporting enough that they’ll want to come along? Do they act put off that they aren’t the priority for even this minute? Do they ‘team up’ and help you?4. Play a game. Any social sport will do – a billiards round, a game of darts, miniature golf, ping pong, skee-ball, bocce, or bowling. You can even offer to compete for a round on your Wii! The point of this is to see how your date performs under competitive circumstances. Are they so driven that they must win at all costs? Are they sore losers? Insufferable winners? Remember that the way they play a competitive game is the exact same way they’ll act in an argument. If your date is rooting for you to win and offers pointers on how to improve the game, even if you beat them, that’s a great sign!5. Spend a full day together. This is a much more involving version of the two-hour date. Perhaps you can go to a resort, spend a day at the beach, or even go shopping together. Anything that will involve at least two meals during the length of time. This shows how your date hangs in there for the long haul. Watch for how they interact with other people: are they polite and courteous with waitresses and sales clerks? Do they get cranky if they get hungry? Do they get tired easily? Do you work well together as a team?Jodie Brittain Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 English Language Found Dead; Craigslist Wanted for Questioning /i/english-language-found-dead-craigslist-wanted-for-questioning/ /i/english-language-found-dead-craigslist-wanted-for-questioning/ If you want to use the Craigslist site for looking for love, don’t let us stop you. Just be aware that the site, through no fault of its own, tends to draw the lowest common denominator. This hilarious article goes into the many flakes, posers, and just plain brainless minions who post on Craigslist just because they can.The best is the third point, “Mediocrity in the first degree.”. We’d like to see more people loosen up when they write a profile. Make fun of yourself. Make fun of dating. Make fun of the person reading. After browsing 1000 profiles before getting to yours, think how much attention you’ll get if you are the one who throws every idea about online dating out the window and posts something daring and original.Jodie Brittain Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Meetingmillionaires.com – Why Should a Millionaire Use a Dating Site? /i/meetingmillionairescom—why-should-a-millionaire-use-a-dating-site/ /i/meetingmillionairescom—why-should-a-millionaire-use-a-dating-site/ At first, it seems like a counter-intuitive idea. There’s this old stigma that online personals and dating websites are for “losers” who can’t find love the “regular” way. This idea is as outdated as the belief that wearing something red will ward off the plague these days, the majority of currently matched-up couples have used a dating site to find their perfect match.But what use does a millionaire have for this? Can’t he just drive up to the beach club in his Alfa Romeo, toot his horn, and drive away with a carload of giggling bikini babes ready to frolic alongside his indoor swimming pool back at his mansion? Well, in reality, it isn’t that simple, no matter how many rock music videos disagree. This is millionaire dating.In fact, anybody who’s made their million or two the hard way isn’t going to have the time for that sort of thing. The fact is, being a tycoon is a stressful undertaking, which is a shocking fact that the working class doesn’t often perceive. To the wage-earner, five o’clock is quitting time and that’s the last they have to think about work until tomorrow. But when you’re the CEO, it’s NEVER quitting time! You’re thinking about work the first thing when you wake up in the morning. You bring the Wall Street Journal to the breakfast table. Your day is exhausting, and even when you’re on vacation, you could be sailing a yacht on the Caribbean and inside your head all you can hear is “How’s my stock? It dropped five points yesterday will I lose ground? Maybe I should merge with that other company.”This may sound to the average person of median income as if it’s a lot of angst and drama, but it isn’t. This is just the sort of motivated, hard-driving individual it takes to achieve millionaire status in the first place.With all of these concerns, many well-to-do older men realize that dating is just one more thing they need to outsource. And really, online dating is more efficient, and that’s how millionaires think. They don’t have the time to bother with a lot of extra padding drama and looking around. In fact, a relationship with a millionaire will require some understanding on the part of their companion, because he’s going to have to answer his phone sometimes, after all. Maintaining a fortune tends to make one busy.Even a millionaire who is “old money”, as in inherited, still has to do some work to keep it. In today’s economy, it isn’t enough to simply have a pile of cash in a bank account, you have to be very careful what you do with it. There were a lot of paper millionaires just a few years ago who have seen their stocks and investments turn their fortune into dust. Money takes management.So on the whole, dating websites are actually a welcome relief for millionaires. They take out a lot of the guesswork and searching, while not cutting out any of the fun parts.Jodie Brittain Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 When Your Children Date /i/when-your-children-date/ /i/when-your-children-date/ Oh, is that ever a chilling headline for the parent of teenagers! Well, fear not, for author Lisa Jander has written a book called “Dater’s Ed: The Instruction Manual for Parents”. It’s based on the idea of “Driver’s Ed” from high school. Yes, teens will groan and roll their eyes as parents the world over read out loud from this manual and give tests.For the teens and young singles, parents owe you an explanation. Because you’re wondering “What gives with mom and dad? Why are they so uptight? Did they expect me to be a nun?” Well, it’s natural to feel defensive about your kids. It’s less about micro-managing who you love and why – than it is about putting you on safety watch so your folks don’t have to lie awake at night with pictures of psychos and stalkers go through their heads.That being said, any parent should acknowledge that they’re going to be wrong about who their children date at least 25 of the time. How could you possibly not get it wrong? You’re a parent!Jodie Brittain Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Oh, What the Heck. Break Up By Text Message /i/oh-what-the-heck-break-up-by-text-message/ /i/oh-what-the-heck-break-up-by-text-message/ What’s the point of blogging if you aren’t going to shake things up every now and then? So we’re going to have to disagree with this MSN News story’s claim that breaking up by SMS is a bad thing. Yes, it’s cheesy and tacky. Get used to it, because that’s us.See, Internet communication is the standard and it’s never going away. When they invented the phone, for a while everybody was saying that you don’t use the phone for “formal” communication matters, but notify by post or telegram instead. When telegrams came out, they were to be used for trivial communications and everything else should be post. And so on and so on.Bah! People are using SMS to do everything from propose to dump to announce pregnancy. It’s going to happen anyway. We may not like it, but the times are changing. To hold any other position would be akin to being a Luddite.Jodie BrittainOnline Dating Australia Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Seven Dangerous Dating Beliefs That Kill Your Chances /i/seven-dangerous-dating-beliefs-that-kill-your-chances/ /i/seven-dangerous-dating-beliefs-that-kill-your-chances/ Dating, whether online or offline, is a game where the winner is always the one who keeps the most positive mental attitude. In no other aspect of life do we find so many self-defeating illusions that people have. We hear them every day, and they’re often used to justify why people don’t even try. Here’s the most common we’ve heard:1. You have to put out.Sure, sex is expected at some point. But when? Not everybody – and we insist that this apply to guys, too – thinks with their pants. We’ve seen it lately happen the other way around from the traditional stereotype, where now men complain that women pressure them for sex, almost as often as women complaining about the men. It’s just as wrong from either side many of us, even if we have a high libido, would like to at least have some standard and be sure that the person meets our criteria before just hopping into bed. But what’s more disconcerting is when people just do it because they think that’s expected of them.2. Traditional sexual roles.This is a big one, because many women back down from flirting and initiating contact because they will be seen as too pushy. The fact is, the 21st century has seen a great equalization it’s now the accepted norm for anybody to ask anybody else out. And ladies, the younger blokes don’t mind at least some encouragement.3. You have to agree on everything.Try this some time: Find somebody who is as close to being your twin as possible. Spend some time with them. Yes, you agree a lot, and what happens to the dialog? It dies out. Have you tried dating an opposite? It’s intriguing, it’s challenging, it keeps your interest. This doesn’t mean you should argue with your date about everything. But learn to respectfully disagree, and yet still love somebody who thinks differently from how you do.4. It’s all about the looks.The Internet has served to perpetuate this one, unfortunately. Good looks are important, sure, but they’re not the be-all and end-all. The kinds of people who only take looks into consideration quickly learn that looking good and making a good living companion are two different things. Then we all founder, because our society places so much importance on how you look and very little on how to improve your mind, be polite, agreeable company, or develop strong character.5. Men have to be rich.When was the last time we even saw a traditional-role family where the man is the breadwinner and the women stays home to do housework? Not very often. The norm for most couples is to have a two-career household, and even then one partner may work while the other goes to school and improves their career later. men, there’s nothing wrong with being a househusband for a working woman. In fact, it can be a pretty fun life!6. Smart women are intimidating.How sad that this idea even exists. It chases valuable talent away from the sciences, where women could have given us some brilliant minds which might have cured AIDS, ended world hunger, or discovered the next energy source. It also ensures that men end up with decorative fashion models with flat personalities and no mental stimulation. The great majority of men in surveys have indicated that they place importance on intelligence and personality traits, as well as looks. So go ahead, gals, show off some smarts!7. Geeks aren’t popular.This old hold-over idea from a century ago needs to be thrown out. Look at the Forbes’ list of top 100 world billionaires, and look how many of them are CEOs of tech companies. Look at how technology is present in every aspect of our lives. The time of the ‘geek’ being seen as undesirable is long-gone. Both male and female geeks are seeing their stock rise.Jodie Brittain Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Wacky Niche Dating: Libertarians /i/wacky-niche-dating-libertarians/ /i/wacky-niche-dating-libertarians/ File this under “Please, do not help these people reproduce”. New York magazine had a look at a dating site that specializes in hooking up libertarians and posted some excerpted craziness. How do you recognize a libertarian, especially one from the U.S.? It’s really simple, because their whole lives could barely fill a thimble:Love Ron Paul, the US Senator from the loony bin. Also known as “Wrong Paul”.Love Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand was the other failing author who saved her career by founding her own cult. The first was L. Ron Hubbard.Consider comic books to be literature, but only if written by certified Unibomber-style wacko Alan Moore. Alan Moore, Ayn Rand, and Ron Paul is their whole bookshelf.Wear this mask. Everywhere, even to bed! It’s from an Alan Moore comic, of course.Suckers for everything. They never met a pyramid scheme they didn’t like. Chances are they just want to date you so they can sign you up selling NORFED dollars or FOREX trading packages.There isn’t much chance that you’d accidentally breed with one anyway, because these people are obnoxious to be around. Will not shut up about conspiracy theories, political beliefs, activism, and whatever goofy idea their cult has into its collective head this week. However, if you want a dating experience straight out of Taxi Driver, knock yourself out!Jodie BrittainOnline Dating AustraliaWant to advertise to Australia’s most desirable singles ? Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 EliteMeeting.com – Elite Meeting for the busy executive’s guide to love /i/elitemeetingcom–elite-meeting-for-the-busy-executives-guide-to-love/ /i/elitemeetingcom–elite-meeting-for-the-busy-executives-guide-to-love/ EliteMeeting.com – How is anyone supposed to date when they have all of these projects going on? You always say, “I’ll make time when it’s not so hectic.” Yeah, but that time when it’s not hectic just never seems to come around, does it? You have all those faces turned to you, all of your subordinates and assistants looking to you to lead them out of whatever jam they’re in at the time. And keeping a relationship will be just one more source of pressure to deal with.Somewhere along the way to building the society that favors the Ubermensch, we forgot to put in a playground. Or maybe that’s how the global economy just shapes itself. We get so wrapped up in optimizing society for work, that we forget to make it easy to play in, too. As the macrocosm goes, so does the microcosm, and we end up back at the individual, who has to run like the rabbit earning capital for resources he may never get to enjoy.The good news is, there are women who understand that. The old saying “Behind every successful man is a woman who believed in him.” didn’t come from nowhere, after all. One place where the needs of financially successful single men is in the elite meeting websites.EliteMeetingThese sites seek to save time and hassle by helping active, independent men to find their matching mate. They are geared towards the men more than anything. Gasp – how politically incorrect! Well, have you ever noticed how whenever the global market takes a nosedive, suddenly being political correct goes out the window and society returns to the old-fashioned, basic values that got them where they are to begin with? So there you have it.It’s no trouble at all to place a profile with an elite meeting service geared to people who appreciate the finer things in life, and want someone who can function in a high-pressure world. You don’t have to fill out the whole thing at one. You can change things whenever you need to update. Most of it can be handled from a mobile phone, which you can do during downtime. There’s never any pressure on your part – women who are seeking a financially secure man are understandably appreciative of the opportunity to meet up with that rare catch, and will know better than to hold it against you if you had to run off to put out a fire.And modern elite dating technology has improved so much in recent years. Dating websites for the wealthy have the benefit of an established decade or two of research, allowing them to make matches across a database for a whole range of requirements and characteristics. While that still doesn’t mean that every match will be a perfect hit, it does at least raise the chances significantly.Another refreshing aspect of elite dating is that the quality of the women are better. You typically only find women of supermodel status – or at least women who know how to keep themselves presentable. Women who go to seek out stable men are themselves more confident, so you avoid those latchy, clingy types. And if you prefer somebody more equal to your level, you can screen women for income and status as well.All in all, it’s a more rewarding experience than anything else the dating world has to offer. Compared to the other options, it’s almost as if wealth-optimized elite meeting websites were made just for the jet set!Jodie BrittainFor EliteMeeting.com Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 You’ll Get Her Attention Alright… /i/youll-get-her-attention-alright/ /i/youll-get-her-attention-alright/ While we like the idea expressed by Official Dating Resource’s suggestion to compose a funny and cocky subject line that will stand out like a beacon in a woman’s in-box, we kind of don’t like the tactic presented.That challenge mentality only works on some kinds of women. But there’s lots of other tricks that you can use to break the ho-hum monotony of reading online dating replies: The Seinfeld subject. A complete non-sequitur like “How do you get egg yolk stains out of a shag rug?” or “By any chance, do you work for a bathtub grouting company?”The Third-Party gambit. “Could you help me figure out this other woman’s profile? I think I like her but I’m not sure.”There’s something on your face! Or, the online version, “You misspelled ‘platonic’.” “Can I help you correct the red-eye in your photo?” or “Why does your email point to ‘collegecamgirls.com’?”Start a debate. “Your profile had me right up until you advocated for global warming research.” or “Why in God’s name do you like Michael Crichton novels?”Or make it a True Daily Double: “I bet you can’t seduce me in 24 hours!”Jodie BrittainSlinky Dating Australia Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Now How to Avoid Being “Just Friends”? /i/now-how-to-avoid-being-just-friends/ /i/now-how-to-avoid-being-just-friends/ There’s a lot to love in this list of six signs youve fallen into the friend zone, but while we’re at it, why not try to find the point where we made the mistake to end up here, and then see what we could do differently? Follow along with the list, guys:When your date mentions that she is seeing someone else: your mistake was in not making it clear that you thought of the two of you as being “serious”! In any case, when it gets this far, move to the dump stage. Try to end it gracefully.Your date brings up sex, when you havn’t had sex yet: When this happens, you have about five seconds to wiggle out of your clothes and jump her bones. This is the very last subtle hint that she’s ready for sex right now, and if you don’t make it happen right now, you’re dead from the waist down in her book.She lets you see her sweatydirty, etc.: That’s it, relationship’s over. You didn’t make your move soon enough.Saying “gee, thanks”: She’s not impressed! She’s telling you to sweep her off her feet and rock her world, and you’re being her timid little polite bellhop. You’ve got five seconds to Hulk out, or get lost.The “buddy” or “brother” title: Your bad. If you act like a buddy or a brother to a woman, she will think of you that way! You should have already made it clear that you’re not looking for a sister.She tells you she’s not interested: Well, then, the time has come to move on. At least you didn’t mess up the above five items so badly that she couldn’t even tell that that’s what you’re looking for. Try to end it gracefully.Jodie Brittain Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Salesmen Need Not Apply in Online Dating /i/salesmen-need-not-apply-in-online-dating/ /i/salesmen-need-not-apply-in-online-dating/ I was quite amused at this story about a speed-dating event in which one guy showed up and just handed out resumes. Clearly, this guy has trouble transitioning from the online world to the offline. “Well”, he must have thought, “You use a profile to land a date online. You use a resume to land a job offline. Why not?”The “Why not?” is because people don’t like to be treated like that. They showed up in person to see you, not read a piece of paper you’ve handed them. And they probably don’t want your business card, either. Furthermore, when you print up resumes for a dating event, what you’re really saying is “I can’t think outside the office.” Which is a shame, because – singles take note – the really interesting things in a relationship happen in the bedroom.Like I’ve advised in earlier blog posts, you should also leave behind the phone, laptop, and other gizmos on a date, even a speed-date. There’s a difference between being being tech-savvy and tech-dependent. When you can’t be pried away from your gadget, you’re telling your date that they will never have your undivided attention. A woman can look like Carmen Electra, be dressed like Leelu in the Fifth Element and be doing Chinese-acrobat cartwheels on her way to engaging in some carnal act with you from the back pages of the Kama Sutra, and you’d be all “Yeah, uh-huh, very nice, hon. Oh my God! My stock went up half a point!”Jodie Brittain Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 From Online to Offline: How to Transition Smoothly /i/from-online-to-offline-how-to-transition-smoothly/ /i/from-online-to-offline-how-to-transition-smoothly/ I see a great, informative post over at Evil Woobie on a subject we don’t see covered often, How To Transition From Online Dating to the First Date.It gives some good advice, and you have to chuckle over the part where you’re advised to “…review past chats and take note of the promises that you gave in the past”. Heh, we talk a lot when we’re flirting and don’t remember everything, so we have to keep our story straight, huh? Never truer were the words “an honest person never has to remember anything”.My own little part to add: people should be looser about meeting up for dates. So many online daters agonize for months before finally going out to meet in person. What’s everybody so shy about? Don’t you strike up conversations with the person next to you on the subway, or talk to people at work? So if you don’t expect that every person will be “The One”, and just go to have fun and socialize, you’ll overcome your shyness and who knows, maybe even click with somebody that you thought wouldn’t work out.My other idea: for those people who don’t know how to describe themselves, two of these kind of people can agree to meet for an “evaluation date”. The purpose is just to socialize, get to know each other for an hour, then you both agree to go home and write the other person’s profile! there, now you have a description of yourself as somebody else sees you. This can be a benefit, because people frequently forget to list their best qualities.Meh, it’s an idea…Jodie Brittain Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 ModelMeet.com – Get what you really want /i/modelmeetcom—get-what-you-really-want/ /i/modelmeetcom—get-what-you-really-want/ Instead of meeting women via the regular dating sites, why not try meeting models only, and find what you are really looking for. If you have been unsuccessful with other online dating sites, then you may have been targeting the wrong groups of women. When you meet models you will find that they are high calibre people who give you a whole new perspective on life. They can treat to you to aspects of their life that no one else can offer. You also get to meet very attractive women who are also very intelligent. Dont waste anymore of your valuable time on the regular dating sites that dont give you what you really want. Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 What Your Partner’s Film Tastes Says About Them /i/what-your-partners-film-tastes-says-about-them/ /i/what-your-partners-film-tastes-says-about-them/ Nearly every online dating website has a section of the profile where singles looking for love can say what kind of films they like. Well, that’s not just for comparison! Certain genres of films attract certain personalities, and you can tell a thing or two about them from these preferences.Comedies Teenexample: American Pie, PorkysTeen comedies usually revolve around sex, love, and the frustrations of functioning in the world. Fans of this kind of film feel awkward in life and identify with the protagonist as they fumble through a series of embarrassing mishaps. They have a very broad sense of humor and are very social.Comedies Alternativeexample: Monty Python, ClerksThese are the thoughtful, intelligent types. Monty Python and Kevin Smith appeal to the geeks and nerds, and generally a highly educated crowd. Look for analytical and scientific types to flock to these.Science Fictionexample: Star Trek, A Scanner DarklyNote that we do not include Star Wars, because that’s an actionadventure series. True science fiction draws fans with a strong imagination who like to think. Think of quiet, contemplative people who are very well-read.Superhero Seriesexample: Dark Knight, TransformersSuperheros and their uber-villians represent very simple morality plays. Fans of these films like their problems simplified so they can come up with a solid solution. They admire strength and courage, and are given to having a strong character.Actionexample: National Treasure, Star WarsSimilar to superhero films, action films are also a genre that appeal to people who enjoy the simple pleasures in life. But they’re more into the action for action’s sake. Look for thrill-seekers here, and people who are spontaneous and energetic.Chick Flicksexample: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Sex in the CityIn spite of the name, both men and women who watch these kinds of films are very intelligent about emotions. To them, romance is one of the most important things in life. Look for people here who are empathic, sentimental, and tend towards kindness.Scary Films and Thrillersexample: Saw, HellboyContrary to what you might expect, the biggest fans of horror films are the kind of people who aren’t scared easily. So look for people who are very imaginative here, and also very empathic! Also look for emotionally intense people with a good grasp of issues and who are not easily ruffled.High Fantasyexample: Lord of the Rings, Harry PotterAmongst fans of these films, you will find the starry-eyed dreamers for whole life is a wondrous spectacle. Look for people who may be older ‘but refuse to grow up’ – in a good way! They’re spontaneous and creative, and love to be surprised.CrimeSpy Dramaexample: Ocean’s Thirteen, The Borne UltimatumThese films are more about what the characters are thinking than anything else, as the various characters pit their wits against each other. The fun in these films comes from trying to unravel the clues and figure out the puzzle. This crowd loves a mental challenge. Look for high IQs, sedate lifestyles, and a dramatic flair.3D Animationexample: Shrek, Kung Fu PandaThe high-tech enthusiast is a typical fan of 3D animation. They might even have a career in computer graphics themselves. At the least, you’ll find a young, smart, and hip crowd who is likely to have a Blackberry or an iPhone holstered. Also, parents love these kinds of films because their children do.Animeexample: Fullmetal Alchemist, DeathnoteNow, anime fans are a very unique subset. Anime and manga printed comics run together and frequently hover around science fiction, action, and fantasy themes. So blend together the typical fans of those genres, but add in a double dash of creativity and a childish sense of wonder.Jodie Brittain Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 MeetingMillionaires.com – Why Do Women date Sugardaddies? /i/meetingmillionairescom—why-do-women-date-sugardaddies/ /i/meetingmillionairescom—why-do-women-date-sugardaddies/ MeetingMillionaires.com – Young women often seek out older men, and vice versa. This bears out in statistics of married couples gathered from all over the world the husband is consistently older than the wife, rather than the other way around. And while there’s exceptions to the rule – starlets in their golden years dating “boy toys”, for instance – it’s worth looking into for the insight it gives towards helping more people get what they want.There’s an evolutionary advantage to this. Women produce a set number of fertile eggs in their lifetime, whereas men continue to produce sperm their whole lives. So evolution would favor choosing a younger, more fertile female. At the same time, an older male has had more time to establish himself even in ancient times, a male who was more mature would have staked out some territory for himself, and had the chance to prove himself to be a more capable provider.Some of that carries over to modern times. A young man just starting out still has college to go through, a career to forge, and may not have made up his mind where he wants to go in life yet. A more mature man is established – he has his own home, his own car, everything’s paid for, and the chances are good that he’s not going to just suddenly fly off to Timbuktu never to be heard from again.Meeting MillionairesSo of course, the richer men present a more attractive option. In seeking to date a millionaire, women can assure themselves that they’re going to find someone more stable. In these trying economic times with global upheaval in the market on every front, financial stability is more important than ever.The side benefits fit more into the relationship side of things. Not only is a millionaire sugardaddy more able to keep a woman in comfort and security, but chances are any mature male has outgrown some of the rough edges that a young male has. Mature men take their time with a woman. They’re not in such a hurry, having seen what it’s all about several times before. They have more patience, more understanding, and more nurturing instinct. Mature men better know how to treat a woman, and know the importance of flirting, foreplay, and having fun together. They’ll stay in bed and cuddle afterwards, instead of jumping up to seek out their next adventure.Ah, but what’s in it for the millionaire men?Well, there’s little arguing against the fact that younger women are more physically attractive. But it’s also more invigorating to have a younger lover – they’re more adventurous, spontaneous, and fun to be around. Older men very much look upon younger women as playmates, somebody to bring out their fun side. Given the pressures of maintaining a base of power and wealth, it’s no surprise that when it’s time for leisure, they want somebody who’s ready for action and not somebody who will be too tired and complaining of a backache.Of course, human behavior always poses more interesting questions than we can answer in one lifetime. But hopefully this explains the art of meetingmillionaires and some of the motivations for either side. Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 What Your Date’s Social Web Use Says About Them /i/what-your-dates-social-web-use-says-about-them/ /i/what-your-dates-social-web-use-says-about-them/ The 21st century has given us some new metrics to measure prospective partners in online dating. For instance, social websites and services. Once you realize that each of these services has its own unique culture, it becomes immediately apparent that different niches would attract different people over time. To wit:Yahoo! Groups – Very old school. Expect someone either senior-citizen age, or tragically out of touch with the modern web.Digg or Reddit – The hive of drones. This is a mixed bag, as these are the two most-frequented social sites, but expect someone age 18-25, very well-informed about the web, very insulated against the rest of the world.Facebook – Again, everybody and their dog literally is on Facebook now, so expect people of all ages and persuasions. But also count on somebody with “nothing to hide”, who is very connected to their family andor co-workers.Twitter – Chatterbox! At least you know they’re a great communicator who’s always available. Look out for egos.MySpace – Look for teenagers and younger. Anybody on MySpace over the age of 21 might have serious developmental issues, unless they’re entertainers singers, artists, etc. keeping touch with their fans.4chan – Either you’re dealing with lowlifes, or the rare intellectual who finds the brainless silliness amusing. Don’t bet on the latter.Adult FriendFinder – Sexually liberated. However, also look out for people cruising for quick casual sex. Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Good Advice For Men Who Don’t Like Mace /i/good-advice-for-men-who-dont-like-mace/ /i/good-advice-for-men-who-dont-like-mace/ This one post deserves to be saved for future reference, a guy’s guide to approaching women in a non-threatening way.It’s such great advice, it’s a sure bet that women will want to bookmark it too, to send men who fail to get a clue. Of course, men who fail to get a clue also fail at reading and understanding. We won’t invent a way to solve that problem for many generations, yet. Come to think of it, that’s the whole problem with the clueless people in general, never mind online dating.Anyway, as many of you guys out there can attest, it’s an uncomfortable situation to happen to be the kind of guy who looks scary. Isn’t it? We’ve observed the kind of man who can walk up to an intersection and you hear all the drivers locking their car doors. Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 How to Find a Woman…Or Not /i/how-to-find-a-womanor-not/ /i/how-to-find-a-womanor-not/ According to a new book, Loneliness is about to become an endangered species. Gary Morgensteins new book on the subject, “How to Find a WomanOr Not”, is a groundbreaking new method for finding true love.According to Morgenstein, If you view all of Planet Earth as a singles bar, then walking your dog, practicing yoga, riding mass transit, buying a book, renting a house or even getting your teeth cleaned can lead to the woman of your dreams. Read more some reviews here Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Things To Do For Your Dating Partner That Aren’t Sex /i/things-to-do-for-your-dating-partner-that-arent-sex/ /i/things-to-do-for-your-dating-partner-that-arent-sex/ Stumbling upon this eHow write-up on how to give a massage, it brought us to mind of all the nice things you can do for your romantic interest that aren’t necessarily sexual. There’s a lot of concern over safe-sex in the dating stages of relationships, after all, but what nobody thinks of is the nice, even sensual, things you can do for each other that aren’t sex, but still make them feel good.A few more suggestions to consider:Speaking of massage, how about a head rub, back rub, or foot massage? These are simple, informal little things you can do, in public or in private. Remember that humans, being a primate, bond through any pleasant physical contact, not just sex or foreplay.A playful tickle. Perhaps even some playful wrestling, if you and your partner know your strength enough not to hurt each other. Some find this arousing, while others just consider it good childish fun.Crack your partner’s back, or help with their exercises, or other borderline therapeutic aids. You may scoff at this – if so you’ve never had your back cracked by somebody who knows what they’re doing.Hey, and don’t forget a good old-fashioned hug! In fact, we could stand to have a more liberal-hugging society all around. At least some of us would benefit if at least once per day a perfect stranger hugged us. Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 How To Lose Your Shyness And Date Already! /i/how-to-lose-your-shyness-and-date-already/ /i/how-to-lose-your-shyness-and-date-already/ First we stumbled on this article about Why You’re Still Single. And then a couple of them got us thinking: specifically 1 and 3. Because they’re more relevant to today’s generation than ever.The Internet age has unfortunately produced the electronic shut-in. Blah blah, combination of factors go here, but what we have is a whole generation of people who don’t know how to start a conversation. Well, friends, here’s a few suggestions to pry yourself out of that wallpaper:Dance anyway! We hear over and over that “I don’t know how to dance.” You know why everybody says that? Because nobody knows how! So why don’t you invent it? Go to a club where you’ve never been seen before, don’t even talk to anybody, and just dance, dammit! Like there’s a gun to your head! Try it three times, and you’ll never be uncomfortable again. Now watch others and learn how.Practice striking up conversations daily. Any trivial thing. In the elevator, waiting for a bus, or standing in line at the check-out, you can just practice at least speaking to strangers. Just make a funny little comment to no one in particular, and whatever the response is, live with it.Attend local social happenings in your community. This can be a local garden show, a meeting of the neighborhood association, whatever. The idea is not that you’re cruising for a date, but that you’re just getting socialized.Volunteer! Work at a soup line or shelter, get involved in your community. You will do good work, you’ll have to socialize at least a little bit, and you’ll never find anybody less intimidating to talk to than a needy teenager – or another volunteer.Shop second-hand. Thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales all have these things in common: they’re less formal, more casual, and everybody’s chatty. You’ll meet some of the most interesting people while you both browse the vinyl records in a box for twenty-five cents in somebody’s yard. Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Early Date Fun© /i/early-date-fun/ /i/early-date-fun/ He says As I mentioned in About the F Word, dating should be fun. Read on for ways to make it s Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 The Perfact Partner Find By Online /i/the-perfact-partner-find-by-online/ /i/the-perfact-partner-find-by-online/ The Webdate black dating is the immense place to meet up for a dating in the internet. We take many Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Flirting by E-Mail© /i/flirting-by-e-mail/ /i/flirting-by-e-mail/ Women, let’s say you are pretty impressed with some guys profile that you just read online. Y Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Christian Singles only on Online Dating Websites /i/christian-singles-only-on-online-dating-websites/ /i/christian-singles-only-on-online-dating-websites/ A very large number of people use internet for online dating. Youngsters, individuals are the most u Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Online Singles Meet on Chat Rooms /i/online-singles-meet-on-chat-rooms/ /i/online-singles-meet-on-chat-rooms/ Connect, online dating website to seek online date became very popularly nowadays. Dating websites m Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Free Online Dating Personals Services /i/free-online-dating-personals-services/ /i/free-online-dating-personals-services/ The arrival of new technologies the online dating services have also become a quite preferable optio Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Online Dating – Best Way to Meet Special One /i/online-dating—best-way-to-meet-special-one/ /i/online-dating—best-way-to-meet-special-one/ From the past ten years, internet revolt is shaking the world. Especially, dating is getting more po Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Man and Women – Likes and Dislikes /i/man-and-women—likes-and-dislikes/ /i/man-and-women—likes-and-dislikes/ Online dating has made almost everything possible. There are thousands of online dating websites ava Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Meet Singles on Online Dating Websites /i/meet-singles-on-online-dating-websites/ /i/meet-singles-on-online-dating-websites/ Online dating started its wonderful journey, when internet has been started. People enjoy these onli Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 He Wonders About the Next Step© /i/he-wonders-about-the-next-step/ /i/he-wonders-about-the-next-step/ Hi FW, Thanks for the wonderful e-mail. It is always such a delight to hear from you. I didn’t Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Senior Online Dating Mistakes /i/senior-online-dating-mistakes/ /i/senior-online-dating-mistakes/ Senior internet dating services provide millions of senior dating people all over the world the perf Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Enjoy The Happiness in Online Dating Websites /i/enjoy-the-happiness-in-online-dating-websites/ /i/enjoy-the-happiness-in-online-dating-websites/ The most wonderful part of online dating is to meet an individual of perspective that she would not Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Play Shower Sex with Partner and Have Fun /i/play-shower-sex-with-partner-and-have-fun/ /i/play-shower-sex-with-partner-and-have-fun/ Before we get into the procedure of the game, keep in mind the important thing before you start: atm Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Online Chat Rooms Facilities for Singles /i/online-chat-rooms-facilities-for-singles/ /i/online-chat-rooms-facilities-for-singles/ Online dating websites is begun as a small culture and quickly placed as one of the most popular nic Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Mature Dating Service For Specialy Online /i/mature-dating-service-for-specialy-online/ /i/mature-dating-service-for-specialy-online/ To ripen to be become obsolete Online and is see date be interested the marriage ONE, many arrangeme Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Premature Emotional Involvement© /i/premature-emotional-involvement/ /i/premature-emotional-involvement/ She Says Yeh, much as I hate to admit it, he’s right. We women do tend to obsess about guys Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Using Online Personals Ads find Your Soul Mate /i/using-online-personals-ads-find-your-soul-mate/ /i/using-online-personals-ads-find-your-soul-mate/ This world of the Internet amazes. It helps us to find something online, still love. To single women Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Women 4 Women is Lesbian Match Maker Dating /i/women-4-women-is-lesbian-match-maker-dating/ /i/women-4-women-is-lesbian-match-maker-dating/ When someone doing this kind of sex they dont like men any more and they didnt wait for them. As a Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Make Sex Dating Personals in Friend Finder Site for Women Seeking Men /i/make-sex-dating-personals-in-friend-finder-site-for-women-seeking-men/ /i/make-sex-dating-personals-in-friend-finder-site-for-women-seeking-men/ Did ever ask to yourself, why some pretty disorderly and average looking guys can somehow bafflingly Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Meet Singles During Online Chat Rooms /i/meet-singles-during-online-chat-rooms/ /i/meet-singles-during-online-chat-rooms/ A free dating chat will offer so much to singles that choose to date online. It is not only exciting Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Stress-Free Enjoyable Blind Dates on Free Online Dating Websites /i/stress-free-enjoyable-blind-dates-on-free-online-dating-websites/ /i/stress-free-enjoyable-blind-dates-on-free-online-dating-websites/ Blind dates are perfect for those who want to meet new people and are open to dating but not really Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Date With Perfact Persona Online /i/date-with-perfact-persona-online/ /i/date-with-perfact-persona-online/ For some people, may be made of a frustrating and difficult task. People are often unsure where to s Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Live Video Speed Dating in Adult Friend Finder Dating Sites /i/live-video-speed-dating-in-adult-friend-finder-dating-sites/ /i/live-video-speed-dating-in-adult-friend-finder-dating-sites/ Today however, live video speed dating is the in thing. Online speed dating is taking the net by sto Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Adult Friend Finder Dating is Unsafe Game to Play /i/adult-friend-finder-dating-is-unsafe-game-to-play/ /i/adult-friend-finder-dating-is-unsafe-game-to-play/ Like everything in life, some games we play have winners and losers. I wish dating wasn’t a ga Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 The Importance of Being Assertive /i/the-importance-of-being-assertive/ /i/the-importance-of-being-assertive/ We loved this little slice-of-dating-life story over at the Sun-Herald, because it sets up the Aesop for an important point: When it’s not working, step on it and go on to something else as fast as possible.Her adventures relate her disappointment with a boyfriend who had the emotional substance of jello. And after 27 years absence from the dating pool, that last thing you want is someone who’s going to waste your time. As a souvenir of her experience, she had a shirt printed up which says “I wait for no man!”You go, Elaine! Pick up that self-esteem and go find somebody who regards you as a treasure to be cherished. To anybody else in Elaine’s position, we recommend a new way to see yourself: as a god or goddess for one week. Demand presents, peace offerings, prayers, sacrifices, and be sure to pull the occasional miracle out of your hat to keep your minions trembling with respect.Jodie BrittainSlinky – The Free Dating Site Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Too Busy to Look for Love? /i/too-busy-to-look-for-love/ /i/too-busy-to-look-for-love/ This story in the Houston Chronicle tells a story that will be very familiar to us. It’s the same old problem of finding a balance between profession life and personal life, applied to singles who find themselves too busy to date. Or as this YouTube song “Addicted to Stress” puts it, “I love to spend a little time with this woman that I’m seeing, except we never really get a little time to spend together, so we call each other up and we talk about work.”That’s why the motto of Slinky Dating is “Live Life, Love Life”. When you’re “too busy” to find time to socialize, you’re not loving life. What you’re doing is chaining yourself to the treadmill to get ahead, but you never get the time to enjoy the rewards of your hard work. It’s going to be even tougher to find that balance when there’s a global recession going on, so let’s all try to make it our mantra next year: “I will find the time for me, and for the ones I love.”Jodie BrittainSlinky.com.au Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Budget Date Ideas /i/budget-date-ideas/ /i/budget-date-ideas/ Well, with all the news lately of global economic problems, you don’t need us to tell you that some people are strapped for cash.Even when the economic forecast is sunny, young people in their dating years and students especially need some pointers on how to date inexpensively without seeming cheap. So we won’t suggest you make every date a budget date, but even throwing one of these every third time or so will make a difference – and for once you’ll have a different idea besides “dinner and a film”!1. Have a ‘pet date’.Have a dog? Does your friend have a dog? Great, let’s find a park where they can both romp around and frisk together, while you two can spend some time together. It almost suggests itself.2. An ecology outing.Everybody talks about long walks on the beach, but what about a visit to a forest, National Park, historic site, or ancient abandoned city? Some local tours in your area might prove inexpensive, and other outdoor sports such as rafting, hiking, mountain climbing, or trail biking usually have groups and tours that get together for outings. Aside from the equipment, these are cheap to attend, and even the equipment for most things isn’t that far out.3. Visit a museum.Your local museum misses you. Museums are inexpensive and never crowded. You get to leisurely stroll through, setting your own pace. You get to impress your date with your thoughts on Rodin and Renoir. And every large city has a science exhibit, which is great fun because they’re interactive. Zoos are another economical choice.Jodie Brittain Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 More Budget Date Ideas /i/more-budget-date-ideas/ /i/more-budget-date-ideas/ OK here are some more budget date ideas4. Go gambling.Whoa! Gambling is not cheap, is it? Well, in any area where gambling is legal, there’ll usually be a few locations catering to the “low-rollers”. Penny and nickel slots, dollar bets on craps tables, video keno, horse racing and such. The benefit here is that you get to control how much you spend. Exercise restraint, and at the worst you’ll have fun for a few hours and at best you’ll win a jackpot.5. Attend a convention.Any hobby or interest which you share with your partner may be an opportunity to attend a convention geared towards it. Science fiction conventions, car shows, career fairs, electronics shows, Renaissance Faires, and all matter of organized outings are both economical and a fresh change of pace. Remember it’s only as fun as you make it! Agree ahead of time that if it’s a bust, you can leave early.6. Take your date to work.This only applies if you have a job or position where you can a be allowed to have social companions, and b they won’t interfere with the job. Freelancers, professionals, any job that involves driving, and any work that gives you your own private office space is ideal. Don’t invite your date to watch you work the cash register at McDonald’s, but if you drive a truck cross-country, by all means bring your sweetie!7. Attend a LAN party.This goes for hard-core computer gamers only, which is more and more of both men and women these days. Most of these events are a small fee and “bring your own laptop”. Not rollicking fun for a date, but something different – and you can always check into a room later.Jodie Brittain Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 How to Get a Date? /i/how-to-get-a-date/ /i/how-to-get-a-date/ Very few people want to be alone, so why are you? Perhaps you are perfectly happy being single but if you are reading this post then it might be a hint to yourself that you are ready to date again. If you have reached the ‘I’ll never meet anyone’ stage or you seem un-dateable, you … Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 National Rekindle Romance Week – How to Romance Your Partner Without Breaking The Bank /i/national-rekindle-romance-week–how-to-romance-your-partner-without-breaking-the-bank/ /i/national-rekindle-romance-week–how-to-romance-your-partner-without-breaking-the-bank/ Calling all country couples and singles, did you know it is National Rekindle Romance Week from 9th to 15th August? This is the week to show your special someone what they mean to you and reignite your relationship whether you are plucking up the courage to ask someone out or have been with your partner … Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 The Imperfect Partner: Why “Settling” Isn’t Always a Bad Idea /i/the-imperfect-partner-why-settling-isnt-always-a-bad-idea/ /i/the-imperfect-partner-why-settling-isnt-always-a-bad-idea/ Weve all heard the phrase, Nobodys perfect, but do we really take it to heart? When it comes to love, it seems that the answer is generally no. More than ever before, todays singles and marrieds, but thats a different post have options. Many of us truly believe that we will find the perfect partner, … Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Online Dating Scam Victims – We Need You /i/online-dating-scam-victims–we-need-you/ /i/online-dating-scam-victims–we-need-you/ We need to hear from scam victims, have you been scammed after joining an online dating site? Have you received requests for money from someone you met on a dating site but realised it’s a scam before sending money? Some of the victims stories we are currently receiving are heartbreaking but there is little practical … Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Online Dating Scams – Are Legal Documents Real? /i/online-dating-scams–are-legal-documents-real/ /i/online-dating-scams–are-legal-documents-real/ Online Dating Scams generally involve the sending of copies of legal or official documents in order to build up the victims trust. Official looking documents can appear impressive but how many people check if the information these legal documents contain is real? This post follows on from my last post about online dating scams … Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Online Dating Scam – First Private Bank – Beware 419 Scams /i/online-dating-scam–first-private-bank–beware-419-scams/ /i/online-dating-scam–first-private-bank–beware-419-scams/ An excellent example of an online dating scam has been brought to my attention .. please beware of online dating scams. This scam involves a website called First Private Bank of Holland this is not a real, it’s a scam and a poor chap who’s been mugged on a business trip in Africa. Someone left … Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 A Dating Scammer Profile /i/a-dating-scammer-profile/ /i/a-dating-scammer-profile/ What does a dating scammer profile look like and how can you identify the profile of a dating scammer? The photo on the left is one of almost a dozen of the same man and I simply downloaded it from stock.xchng. This man is not a scammer but how easy would it be for me … Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500 Older Women Dating Younger Men | Cougar Dating /i/older-women-dating-younger-men–cougar-dating/ /i/older-women-dating-younger-men–cougar-dating/ What do you think of older women dating younger men? Do you think of cougars, cradle snatchers or women refusing to accept getting older? I remember more than two decades ago when Friday night at the Casino was known as Grab-a-Granny night, so older women dating younger men is hardly a new concept but is … Sun, 29 Aug 2010 20:45:01 -0500