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Apr 20, Facebook Paranoia
From: Senior Dating Blog, Senior Dating Site, Over 50 Da
It bugs me that people play so fast and loose with Facebook accounts! Have they never understood the phrase stolen identity? Or privacy? Do I really
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Is That the Best You Can Do?
You date someone. You break up (on Facebook). You continue to have sex. You get back together (on Facebook). You keep havin sex. You break up again (on Facebook). The sex stops. This time it’s for good. A few weeks months go by and both of yall are on to your next relationships (on Facebook). […]
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Adding the Ex back on Facebook is perfectly fine
New Answer – I don’t see anything wrong with add your ex on facebook book. As long as it’s just to be mutual friends and stay in touch, then go or it. You mention that you still have some feelings for her so as long as its not a move to try and peer back in her life to help make a move towards getting back together than it’s all good. I’m not saying getting back together is bad but it clearly doesn’t seem to be what you want. Plus, if that is your true intentions, then adding her to facebook to get a glimpse in her life is not the right way to go about it. My last question to you is why do you want to be friends on facebook? I don’t think there is anything wrong with it but I also am just curious as to why it’s important to you? If I were you, just add her but make sure she is remove…
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Paranoia within myself?
About three years ago I was cheated on the whole time I was dating this guy. That was my first relationship. From then on I have been paranoid like crazy during relationships, which I know destroys a great relationship.): right now I am dating a guy I really like but I am already being paranoid. I don’t care if he talks to other girls because I know he would never cheat on me. He is one of those few guys who would be devastated if he hurt someone. I am paranoid about me being too clingy or too flirty. I have asked him (and other [now ex] boyfriends) but they all say no…I don’t know if they’re trying to be nice or if they are being honest./: also if he doesn’t text me back within 20-30 minutes, I am afraid that I am annoying them…I would really appreciate some help on how NOT to be para…
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Why Games Are The Killer App For Social Networks [And iDating?]
OPW – Aug 19 – In 2009, $2.2 billion in virtual goods were sold to consumers globally, and that number is expected to rocket to $6 billion by 2013. Although virtual worlds and MMOs have historically driven the growth in virtual goods, today the fastest growing segment is social games. Social gaming got its start in mid-2007 with the launch of the Facebook Platform. In 2009, social games generated $500 million revenue, primarily from social games on Facebook. There are nearly 150 social networks with over 1 million monthly uniques. When it comes to social games, smaller social networks, paradoxically, often have the benefit of size. Users of multiple social networks tend to split their time between Facebook and another social network. To these users, Facebook is an indispensable communicati…
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What Your Date’s Social Web Use Says About Them
The 21st century has given us some new metrics to measure prospective partners in online dating. For instance, social websites and services. Once you realize that each of these services has its own unique culture, it becomes immediately apparent that different niches would attract different people over time. To wit:Yahoo! Groups – Very old school. Expect someone either senior-citizen age, or tragically out of touch with the modern web.Digg or Reddit – The hive of drones. This is a mixed bag, as these are the two most-frequented social sites, but expect someone age 18-25, very well-informed about the web, very insulated against the rest of the world.Facebook – Again, everybody and their dog (literally) is on Facebook now, so expect people of all ages and persuasions. But also count on someb…
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