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Boxerdropper: I Will Watch A Movie About Surfing With Very Little Protest
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Not to toot my own movie-watching horn here, but I think it’s pretty awesome of me to indulge his request to watch a movie about surfing when I have about zero interest in the subject matter. Endless Summer, Step Into Liquid, Riding Giants: I’ve seen ’em all. On his couch. Like I give a shit about some dude surfing a wave. Sure, I’ll scan through his DVDs and suggest we watch The Big Lebowski or Back to the Future for the zillionth time, but when he pulls out Endless Summer II and insists on watching it, I’ll shrug and say okay. I’ll even pretend to get a little upset when some famous surfer dies after an epic wipeout. Boohoo. Huge waves can be dangerous: I got the memo, every sing…
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Pics and Vids: Blazer of Glory
Hey, babe, I got you a present. You know how you said that you wanted to lose weight AND get new clothes for fall? Go ahead, open it!

It’s muscles! On a blazer! Try it on. Oh shit, is that a cock printed on the bottom? *frowns* Yeah, I kept the receipt.

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Phrases I SAY That Guys Wanna Stab In The Face: “I’m So Lucky That I Met You”

Fuck my luck (FML) We’ll be in staring into each other’s eyes, totally psyched about our newfound love when I’ll confide, “I’m so lucky that I met you.” I’ll lean in for a kiss and he’ll get a panicked look in his eyes. Apparently, he did not want to be “me lucky charm” as leprechauns say. I’m not sure why my declaration of good fortune bummed him out, but it has. No guy has ever said, “Awwww, babe! I’m so lucky that I met you too” back to me. Not ever. Not once. This phrase is like if a black cat walked under a ladder then broke a mirror when it was on the 13th floor to me; I’ve cursed myself by telling him what a blessing he’s been. In fact, in a cruel twist. he’ll u…
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Bonerkiller: Guys Who Treat Their Sleeves Like Mini-Blankies

I’m sitting here calmly sipping my iced coffee, watching him yank his sleeves around like he’s kneading pizza dough. He’s pulling them up over his fingers so it looks like he has extra-long arms. What’s with him treating his sleeves like a goddamn blanky? He’s gotta knock that shit off. I’m sorry, but his fingers don’t need a makeshift slanket. What is he? An angsty art student? A nervous poet? Because those are the two biggest sleeve abusers out there.  I will never take a guy seriously who burrows into his sleeves like his hands are shy groundhogs. Are they afraid to see their shadow? His arms look like two kids rolling around in a tight sleeping bag. It’s not ev…
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