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Did he just decide he got in over his head or what?
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So guys. . .If you are in a relationship for about a year and you are making plans for the future, having fun, minimal arguments with one another and so forth. . . and then you dump a good, consistently loving girl because you’re “Just not there” what are you saying? Just not ready for the level of commitment you had previously expressed so much interest in? Are you wondering if you could still do better-or willing to risk a good relationship to find out? I wasn’t given more of an explanation but my ex is sure out there partying it up now that we aren’t together-Did he just decide he got in over his head or what?
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My boyfriend and I are in a wonderful relationship. But, I believe we are lacking a bit in communication. We are currently in a long distance relationship due to his joining the army. We’ve been together for a more than three years and things are going fine. I finally got to visit him last week after 7 months of being apart and it was a wonderful trip. It was almost like we’ve never been apart! After I got home we talked for hours and the romance was strong. During that trip we had our first major sexual experience together. We talked a little about it and agreed that we were both very ready for that step in our relationship?. I do feel a change in myself after that: the bond that everyone talks about for their first time. It’s been a week, how…
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Something that I learned from the queer/poly community…
New Answer – I have lots of friends that are polyamorous (are physically, and often emotionally involved with more than one person at once), and this is more common, though not exclusive, to the gay community. In the gay community, there is also less of an expectation that a relationship has to be emotional, or has to be monogamous. Because of this, even if I am dating a straight guy in a rather traditional way, I still end up having a conversation about what the ideal relationship is to him. We talk about what love means, how does he feel about commitment, and how he wants us to work. Many people have different ideals in terms of what they expect from their partner physically, emotionally, and in terms of commitment/monogamy. If you are uncomfortable asking him what he thinks about …
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What are the secrets to find your partner? That person that makes us feel good and is always there for us. As we look around we don’t see very many shining examples of this kind of relationship. We don’t have roll models or teachers who can show us the way. We end up stumbling around trying to figure this whole relationship thing out on our own.
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Are there girls there who don’t want relationships?
i’ve head one girl say she’s not looking for Mr right but instead how many guy she can sleep with. another says the longest she will be in relationship is one month after that will break a guy’s heart. i have a friend who was interested in girl the girl just wanted sex, nothing else… so I wonder are these females common, because we are taught to believe women are more interested in relationships than men
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Stumbling upon this eHow write-up on how to give a massage, it brought us to mind of all the nice things you can do for your romantic interest that aren’t necessarily sexual. There’s a lot of concern over safe-sex in the dating stages of relationships, after all, but what nobody thinks of is the nice, even sensual, things you can do for each other that aren’t sex, but still make them feel good.A few more suggestions to consider:Speaking of massage, how about a head rub, back rub, or foot massage? These are simple, informal little things you can do, in public or in private. Remember that humans, being a primate, bond through any pleasant physical contact, not just sex or foreplay.A playful tickle. Perhaps even some playful wrestling, if you and your partner know your strength enough not to …
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