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Identifying Accident Prone Children
From: Well
Can a serious injury to one child unsettle the whole family, changing behavior patterns in a way that puts all the children at increased risk? Pediatrician Perri Klass explains in the latest 18 and Under column.
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The Benefits Of Educational Toys
It’s tough getting educational toys because, well, how would you actually measure whether something is educational, especially when it involves really young children even toddlers? In reality, many child psychologists believe that just about anything is “educational” for a child, especially at really young ages when practically by definition anything they come into contact with teaches them something about the world, about which they know almost nothing!
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    As I write about raising grieving children I most often have a picture of a grieving mother in my mind. The statistics about death rates, in families with dependent children at home, clearly indicate that men die at an earlier age than women. I was Co-Principal investigator of the Harvard Child Bereavement Study. Roughly speaking there were approximately 3 widows for every widower who was taking care of dependent children. Was the experience different for them? I think so. The differences are on many levels, and I think still relevant. There is research that indicates that men who are bereaved show higher illness rates. One way of accounting for this difference is that women tend to have active social support networks, that is other women with whom they can share their…
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