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My Heart, My Mind, and Me
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Mining the Strip Online
Few vacation destinations hold the potential for fun, excitement, and the unexpected quite like a Las Vegas vacation getaway. The promise of the strip’s legendary hotels and casinos await, as do the world’s finest nightclubs and an incredible array of shows featuring some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. At Las Vegas Strip […]
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He stopped talking to me over a really dumb argument, I have no clue why?
We’ve been dating for over a month now, but we’ve known each other for 5 months. We met through friends and he lives out of state. Everything was more than great. I was truly happy for the first time in a while. Then all of a sudden we get into an argument, things get heated, and he decides to tell me he’s not gonna talk to me for a couple of days… I was like WHAT? NO, I DON’T THINK SO. Don’t talk to me ever. We hang up, 5 days since, and I’m left with a big question, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE? Did I miss something? What drives a man to do this? Especially to someone they supposedly have very strong feelings for? …I don’t get it. Is he Mental? Please advise!
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Do’s And Don’ts Of Free Online Dating
Free online dating is a fun and friendly way to meet people and find the one your heart longs for. While you are on the way to discover true love, it is good to keep in mind a few points to help make your experience a happy and productive one. Things to keep in mind during […]Do’s And Don’ts Of Free Online Dating is a post from:
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Should I be mad at him? help really important
my boyfriend can only see me on the weekends because he is in boarding school… he came home on friday.. I didn’t see him on friday or Saturday cos he was out with his friends… on Saturday night he called me asking what I was doing and I said that I might go to a movie with a friend ad that he should come… he said he will call me and let me now at 10pm… he didn’t call and he hasn’t called me till now… it is now 5:00 pm and still no call no text… should I be mad at him? I feel like he stood me up
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Australian Dating Site Created Fake Profiles
SMH.COM.AU – July 22 – Jetplace, the operator of dating website Red Hot Pie, has been ordered by the federal court to disclose to its users that it operated 1,371 of its own profiles on the website. Jetplace has been ordered to publish a corrective notice when each user of the website who registered between December 2004 and November 26, 2008 next logs on, and to send a copy of the notice to the email address of each user. Users can also apply for refunds if they can demonstrate that they were misled by the conduct into paying for membership of the website. FULL ARTICLE @ SMH.COM. AU See all posts on RedHotPie
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