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Phys Ed: Can Pickle Juice Stop Muscle Cramps?
From: Well
Many people involved in sports are convinced that the briny fluid combats muscle cramping.
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One of THOSE days
I am sitting in my lounge next to my son who has the worst tummy cramps. Its been one of THOSE days. Work was INSANE! Phones ringing, people standing at my desk needing stuff, systems not working, queries, staff issues. MTN had a base tower down so I had NO access to anything ALL day. No twitter, no […]
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Don’t change
New Answer – Crowley, keep being supportive and a friend to her. It’s ok to have friends who are girls and it’s ok to have girl friends that you are not romantically involved with. It’s not your job to “save” her right now. And if you feel like she’s hour only option that’s even more a reason not to get involved, at least not now. I think your best bet is to keep talking to her, but focus on yourself and finding your own independence. Women are naturally attracted to a man who can have fun anywhere with anyone. Keep us updated, e
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Move on…
New Answer – I say Move on…Sounds like a simple answer to me but I know how complex things are when you’re emotionally involved. However, from an unbiased, outsiders perspective – and let’s be honest, that’s why we use this site to get advice from emotionally unattached people – I think that’s the move. Sure you can try to analyze and decipher the reason for the behavior, which I actually would do myself because I like to have meaning to things, but the reality of the situation is that there’s no a disconnected between the two of you. He’s consistently acting a certain way that makes him unattractive and no longer a valuable partner. Remember that the purpose in finding a partner in life is to have someone that compliments you and brings the better out of you. Someone that adds to …
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People get comfortable in life and it’s hard to make changes
New Answer – I personally think that it’s hard for people to jump out of bad relationships because they simply get comfortable in their life. When you date someone, are large part of your lifestyle revolves around them. You often times have mutual friends, you hang out at similar places, and you may even have similar jobs. Because of this, breaking up with someone isn’t just ending things with that person, but it’s often times ending other aspects of your life as well. Think about long distance relationships. People start assimilating themselves within their new location which means a new group of friends, new places to hang out, new job, and overall just a new lifestyle on every front. Slowly over time the person they have been dating long distance begins to not so much fit into tha…
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How To Date Like LeBron James

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or sequestered in some kind of freaky-deaky cult ranch for the last few weeks, you know that LeBron James is on a mission to bless a new NBA team with his presence. Despite seeming like just another media circus created by a wildly self-involved professional basketball player, the King’s quest for a team is a great lesson in dating. Keywords: celebrity, Dating, entertainment, nba, sports Bookmark/Share this post with:


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