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Can you forgive unconditionally?
From: Interracial Dating Blog
For any relationship to survive, forgiveness is critical. One thing I have observed is how people forgive on condition that … Forgiveness is conditioned on better future behavior. As a child, saying sorry was the cure for all sins committed – that is the perception we were given anyway. But …
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My Ex Wants Me Back – Can I Forgive?
Author: Elena Morgan You broke up with your ex because you were hurt, badly, by something that was said or done. You’re ex is making noise about getting you back, so now you’re struggling with the big question, “My ex wants me back, but can I forgive?” It seems that it’s those we love the most who […]
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Relationship advice: treat your partner like the family dog

The many ways in which pets have been found to benefit an owner’s health is well-documented. Children growing up with a furry animal are less likely to have allergies or asthma. Pets are shown to reduce social anxiety, anxiety about medical procedures, depression, and high blood pressure, just to name a few of the health benefits.Additionally, since Freud and the invention of psychotherapy, animals have been used as part of therapy. Called Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), there have been many studies indicating a wide-range of benefits. Among other advantages, regular exposure to these therapy animals have included: reduction in physical and psychological pain, impr…
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The Chris Brown(@Chrisbrown) theory on forgiveness
So many of us watched the BET Awards. I have to first tip my cap and say it’s probably the best one since the last one with  MJ and James Brown. Speaking of Brown, it was definitely the comeback show, as Chris Brown performed and the THE MJ tribute we all wanted to see. The […]
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What to Say When You Have to Say “I’m Sorry”
Apologies can be enormously effective when it comes to resolving conflict, repairing hurt feelings, fostering forgiveness, and improving relationships in both our personal and professional lives. They increase relationship commitment and satisfaction, employee loyalty and satisfaction, feelings of trust, and cooperation. An apology can even keep you out of the courtroom. (Despite the fact that lawyers tend to caution their clients to avoid apologies like the plague, fearing that they are tantamount to an admission of guilt, studies show that when potential plaintiffs receive an apology, they are more likely to settle out of court for less money.)But as anyone can tell you, apologies don’t always work. (Ask Michael Richards, for instance. Or John Edwards. Or Trent Lott. I could go on and …
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I am over my boyfriend…can it work??
I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years now and sadly I am over it…i just don’t feel anything for him. I mean I literally dread going home to him at the end of the day because I know he’s gonna throw a fit if I don’t sit with him and watch the shows he want to see…he won’t clean to save his life and he gets p*ssed if I leave a mess or anything like that…i am just sick of him constantly saying stupid comments about me cheating on him when I have never done that! He did stuff when we first started dating and I found out and I decided to forgive him and we moved on… I don’t know if these feelings will go away…we get along sometimes but most of the time it’s just constant nagging. Any advice? Can I make this better?
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