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Exploring Asian-white interracial romance
From: Interracial Dating Blog
We have heard so much about black-white relationships where interracial dating is concerned. And as a result, other interracial combos have not garnered well-deserved attention. Lately, more and more Asians are dating and marrying whites, however, little research has been documented on the dynamics of these relationships. In a book ‘Racing …
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The Origins of Interracial Dating
Interracial is often perceived to be the union of blacks and whites but that belief is not completely true because interracial means interactions between different races. It is obvious that in our world, we live together with people from different countries, thus we all have our own race and culture that we preserve. Relationships between […]
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Do people date interracially to prove a point?
Studies show that in interracial relationships, “racial minorities seek to be respected and seen as competent more than Whites do, whereas Whites seek to be liked and seen as moral more than racial minorities do.†Apparently this is because of representations of whites as “racist” and racial minorities as “unintelligent†…
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New Dating Sites for the Week of July 7th, 2010
Every week, dating site owners submit their dating sites to our database. Here’s this week’s roundup. FleshPimp Free adult dating site. Interracial Socializing Pay-per-use dating site focusing on singles wanting a relationship with someone of a different race. Limenice Bulgarian-language dating site, soon to be an international dating site. Millionaire Cougar Niche dating site specializing in rich women who like younger men, or rich men wanting younger women. Amolatina International dating site focusing on Latin singles. Positive Dating Personals For singles with a sexually transmitted disease, or those who don’t mind dating someone who has one. FussyOnes Totally free dating site. Ukrainian Brides Matrimonial dating site for primarily men wanting to marry a Ukrainian woman….
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Dating Commercials are Better in the UK
It seems to me that dating commercials in the UK are far superior to those in the US. Here in the States most of our commercials are either couples talking or black-and-white commercials of a single person sitting or laying and occasionally laughing (and I’m not sure what the point is to these commercials, to be honest). I get the feeling I’m not the only one because I am having a hard time even finding the US commercials online! […] Related posts:On the Fence about Online Dating
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Compatibility in Romantic Relationships – Aug 02,2010
Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? Wasting time with people with whom there is no easy togetherness? Do you find yourself in “relationships” that are more exciting to imagine than they are to really be in? After spending time with your partner do you frequently end up feeling angry or frustrated? There are basic needs and personality traits that we all have which must be in sync with our partners. We’ll discuss love, romance and romantic compatibility between couples on romantic compatibility

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