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Some marriage rules are meant to be broken
From: Interracial Dating Blog
Ever wondered what the person who coined some marriage rules was thinking or maybe not thinking at the time? “Couples should work out every disagreement calmly; couples should do stuff together” 🙄 Say that again?!! If you think about it, some of these rules can literally massacre your marriage. Psychotherapist …
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I broke up with my girlfriend 3 months ago, want her back big time now for the right reasons?
I am a 33 yo man- I broke up with my girlfriend 3 months ago because I couldn’t handle how strong my feelings were for her. I got scared and ran- I think I handled the breakup as well as possible( maybe not tho?) anyway I am thinking clearly now and want her back – as in marriage… She is seeing another guy. She won’t see me in person but she initiates contact via text daily… I was hoping some of you girls could give me a female perspective on what I should do now? I am trying to actually understand what she is going through now. Thanks
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Could talking be tearing marriage apart?
“Communicate … Communication is the key factor to a successful relationship”. This is what most marriage counselors and relationship reading materials cite. But with every mention of “the talkâ€, the look on most men’s faces suggest otherwise. And most women wonder why – I mean, I’ve always known it’s the …
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Girls talking about marriage?
OK my girlfriend of about 2 months started talking hypothetically about marriage the other day, who her bridesmaids would be, what kind of area she wants to end up living in, etc. She then turns it to me and asks who my best man would be and who would be on my end of things. Well I tell her, but I don’t have enough guys on my side, so she goes “Well if you add in my brother, that would even out, so you’d be covered there”My question to you ladies is, if a girl starts contemplating the possibility of them and their boyfriend getting married, does that mean she’s seeing things as more serious, and ending up long-term, or is that a thing girls just do anyway?
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