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Women shouldn’t take infidelity too personally?
From: Interracial Dating Blog
In a book ‘Sugarbabe: Based on the Controversial, Real Story of a Woman in Search of a Sugardaddy’, Psychologist Holly Hill says women shouldn’t take fidelity too personally. (Is this even possible?) She also says “Women who cross their legs deserve to be cheated on.” Some take huh! In a bid …
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Who Knew Albert Einstein Was Also a Relationship Expert?
Men marry women hoping they will not [change]. This is a common complaint from men about the women they are with. And it’s true, ladies. Often, once we set our eyes on a guy, we do what we can to snag him. The smartest, loveliest, most fabulous woman will twist herself into a pretzel trying to be the woman a hot man wants.
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My take on things
New Answer – We think of divorce as a bad thing. We think of fighting parents, confused and lots kids, bickering over the division of assets, and infidelity. Truth is, divorce doesn’t cause those things, those are just parts of toxic relationships, and toxic relationships cause divorce. The difference now is that with less stigma attached to being divorced, people can choose to leave a toxic relationship. I have talked to my Nana, who just turned 86, and she talks about what it was like when she was younger, and how divorce was something that you whispered, and you didn’t socialize with divorced women, especially since in order to get a divorce, you often had to prove that there was a reason to get divorced, like infidelity, and in order to prove that in a court of law there had to b…
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What Do Women Want And How To Become Her Dream Man What Do Women Want And How To Become Her Dream Man. Forget about fantasizing abut her. It’s time you stop asking what do women want and started knowing exactly what they want! When you learn this, you will have her fantasizing about YOU. For more FREE tipsand advice on understanding what women really want, […]
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Types of Women to Run From
Last week’s post was about the types of men that women should run from, so now it is time to publish our list of women that should send men running in the opposite direction.  Our Advice Panel vloggers also covered the topic of the types of women that men should avoid, and while the types […]
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What do women contribute in a relationship?
From observation it seems a man puts a lot in a relationship than a woman. A man is expected to: lead be strong be protective be decisive to provide make the woman happy and keep the attraction then he has to deal with a woman’s constant drama and test to further prove his a man I’ve see from female friends making list about what a man should be or they are looking for but there’s nothing of equivalence about women. Also during breakup it is mostly the man’s fault, there even females who refuse admit there in the wrong. So what do females contribute besides sex, and maybe taking care of their men?
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